John Wyke

I am an independent English teacher available to help you achieve whatever you need to do in the English speaking world.

Please contact me at or on 69 52 85 262 or check my availabilty.


8 years experience teaching English at all levels and to all ages.
4 years experience translating Spanish into academic English for publication
7 years experience in database design and administration.
8 years experience in Pharmaceutical Quality Management.
8 years experience in Clinical and Environmental Microbiology.
B.Sc. (Hons) in Microbiology.

Review and polishing

Do you write your own papers in English and just need someone to check the content? Have you used the correct prepositions? Is the tone of your writing appropriate?

In my time as a quality manager I was responsible for the production and review of more than 2000 documents per year. These documents were fundamental to the business and to meeting the legal requirements of this heavily regulated industry. I can help you to produce clear, concise documents which communicate your message in the best way possible.


Do you need to make a presentation, teach a course or defend your thesis in English? Maybe you just want to ask the right questions at a conference.

I can provide practical support and advice in teaching and presenting in English. I can give feedback on your pronunciation, tone, rhythm and overall performance. I have helped students to prepare for routine teaching duties, presentations, conference management and thesis defences.

Exam preparation

If you are preparing for an exam in English I can help.

I have taught students preparing for all Cambridge exams, from PET and First Certificate through to Proficiency. I have also helped students to pass their TOEFL, SAT, GRE and Trinity exams.


Of course, if you want to improve your English in a general sense, I can help with that too, whether it’s just conversation or it’s more focused on your job or your studies. I can tailor lessons to suit your needs.

I am always interested in learning from my students and I have learned a lot from them over the years, from geology and botany to psychology and economics.


I can provide translation from Spanish to English for academic or scientific purposes. My experience in both microbiology and the pharmaceutical industry has given me a broad understanding of the requirements for business and scientific writing.